Welcome at DE AFTER RUN

Can’t pick if you want to go partying or stay healthy during ADE? We have got you covered with DE AFTER RUN. A super cool run and the best ADE party combined. A race and party you don’t want to miss! 

Together with ASICS and the Animal Language DJ Team we have created a unique event consisting of a very early morning run and a crazy after party combining the best of both worlds. Lace up your racing sneakers and join us for an unforgettable experience that will get you moving on the streets and the dancefloor.

Event Details:
Date: 21/10
Amsterdam Time: 07:00-12:00 (DE AFTER RUN 07:00-08:00, AFTER PARTY 8:00-12:00)
Location: Amstelhaven

YES we know this is early but believe us: it is worth it!

About the Event:
De After Run is an alleycat inspired race. A WHAT? Alleycat is a racing concept where you have to find your own way.

If you don’t like to make your own route and want to spent you time on other thing. Don’t worry. We will have 2 recommended routes which you can just follow and have an amazing time!

How does it work? It’s simple:
Collect as many points as possible in one hour.
The points can be collected at checkpoints in the city.
The further the checkpoint, the more points you’ll earn.
These checkpoints (and points per checkpoint) will be shared 48 hours before the race (if you want a tip, think ADE ;)). On Saturday morning 7:00 until 8:00 sharp, it is time to race. You have 60 minutes to get as many points as possible.
Make sure you are back in time, every minute of delay leads to deduction in points.
The runner with the most points wins.

Party time
After this, it is time for the real fun: (after) party. We’ll provide breakfast to give you some energy to get yourself moving on the beats of the Animal Language DJ Team.

This unique event only has 200 spots so better hurry and sign up!
The first 50 tickets are €20,
the second 50 tickets are €22,50
and the last 100 tickets are €25.

So hurry up and register for this unique running experience.

The ticket includes entrance to the AFTER RUN, a breakfast for champions, a great souvenir, a crazy afterpart and the simply the time of you life. SO NO EXCUSES, JUST SIGN UP!

Do you have friends who hate running but love a good after party? They are welcome to join the guest list of our afterparty. Please email us so we can make it happen.

You do not want to miss this.