Last Runner Standing was the ultimate virtual running battle and was held in december 2020. 

40 men and 40 women competed in a set-up just like the World Championship football for the title of Last Runner Standing. 

The first part of the race was a group stage where runners were placed in groups of 5. They had a week to run their fastest 5k. The fastest 2 runners went to the PRO knock out round, number 3 and 4 to the AMATEUR knock out and number 5 went home. 
After the group stage the runners had a weekly head-to-head race with every week different distances and different competitors. They had a full week to set their best time and could try as many times as possible.
 Fastest went to the next stage. Slowest was out.

After 5 insane weeks of racing we had two PRO winners: Nesrine Leene and Lars Cazander and 2 AMATEUR winners: Kassandra de Boer and Gabriele Fantasia. 



Pictures by Seth Profet @sethprofet

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