The M52 race is an unsainctoned race from station South to station North. The race started out of the first subway on sunday. When the doors opened the race started and runners had to find their way to station North. 

The route was between 9 and 11k with a ferry in the middle.

After the race there was a well-deserved breakfast close to station North.  

IMG_1008 (2)

The first edition took place on 23/08/2020. With 50 runners the race was completely sold out.

The race and the breakfast afterwards we’re a big succes and everybody really enjoyed the race.

First men was Bjorn Vennema and first women was Natasja Janssen. 


Pictures of Seth Profet @sethprofet
Pictures of Ryan Tjin @mrtjin
Pictures by Leo Estrella @leo.estrellagraphy