The NOORD GESTOORD RACE is an urban running race of 5 kilometers. 

The runners will run 5 short laps of a kilometer. This makes the race crazy intense and push the runners to the best they can. 

The race is held in the North side of Amsterdam. The alternative more industrial side of Amsterdam. An area where the race perfectly fits is. 

To join the race you have to have a 5k PB of 22:30 for women and 19:30 for men. This to make it even more challenging and crazy. 

The goal of this race is to show that running can also be cool and be a real alternative to all “standard” kind of races in the Netherlands.

The second edition took place on 26/08/2021. With 100 runners the race was a big succes.

The first women was Maaike van Gelder with a beautiful time of 17:42. First men was Bas Stigter in 15:07.

Check out the full results here:


Pictures of Seth Profet @sethprofet
Pictures of Ryan Tjin @mrtjin
Pictures by Leo Estrella @leo.estrellagraphy
Noord Gestoord: PR-regen in Amsterdam

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